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How Secure is Open Source Software: A Product Manager’s View Behind...

Ben Fischer, Principal Product Manager, Security at Red Hat, provides a product manager's perspective on why using open source software is secure.

Neurodiverse Teams: The Upside of Having an Inclusive Workforce

On average one of eight workers is considered neurodiverse, meaning they are on the autism spectrum, have ADD/ADHD, are dyslexic or have dyspraxia. Our...

Scaling Your OpenStack Cloud In Real-Time

Sean Cohen, Senior Manager, Product Management at Red Hat, will be speaking at MassTLC’s upcoming ReDev B0st0n event, Boston’s premier conference for developers and technical executives. The following piece...

Red Hat Opens New EBC and Engineering Labs in Seaport

Wednesday, June 28th, marked the official opening of Red Hat's Global Executive Briefing Center (EBC), Engineering Lab, and first east coast location for its...