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Back to the Office: The State of the Digital Workplace

The pandemic changed not only where employees work, but also how they work—the tools they use, and how they communicate and collaborate with colleagues on a...

Fuze’s Flex Survey 2021 Reveals Key Findings on Flexible Work

A few weeks ago during our Flex Summit 2021, I had the privilege of announcing the results from our latest global Flex Survey around flexible...

PeopleProductive – Freemium Remote Work Productivity and Engagement Diagnostic

PeopleProductive, a MassTLC member, empowers organizations to create an intentionally productive culture using intuitive technology and an agile transformation process that engages leaders, teams...

6 Tips for Managing a Hybrid Team

Thousands of articles and hundreds of books provide expert advice for managing and leading teams. More recently, themes have shifted from traditional team management...
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