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At ReDev B0st0n, Discussing the Challenge of Operations

With lunch and its accompanying keynote having finished, one more keynote was on tap before the afternoon breakout sessions at Tuesday’s ReDev B0st0n Conference...

Leveraging Human Capital Management Analytics

For over a decade, enterprises have been focused on purchasing and implementing a variety of software systems and then hiring consultants to help automate...

MassTLC Ed Foundation: Why Code?

MassTLC asked tech industry leaders about the importance of teaching kids to code. Listen to their inspiring words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HDZN5A_bUI

MassTLC Distinguished Leadership Award 2016: David Delmar, Resilient Coders

David Delmar, founder of Resilient Coders, was honored with the MassTLC Distinguished Leadership Award in 2016. David founded Resilient Coders to help teach young...

Lunchspotting @ Lionbridge

MassTLC partners with Matter Communications on an event series called Lunchspotting, a networking opportunity for professionals in technology, engineering, marketing, and venture capital. Our last...