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Beverly Farm Foundation’s Timely Communication Provides Parental Peace of Mind

“I remember a time before COVID-19 when Everbridge helped turn a scary situation into a good one,” said Maureen Beyer, a mother of a Beverly...

The Importance of Accessible Design

“Is that color accessible?” The collective design team groans. It’s a product design story heard a thousand times; a never ending push and pull struggle. You’ve...
Headshot of Antonio Pietri of Aspen Tech

AspenTech Turns 40: Digitalization Levels the Sustainability & Profitability Playing Field

Four decades ago, a team at MIT received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and set out to create the chemical industry’s...

What To Consider Before Buying A New Electronic Device

You need not be a geek to want to take advantage of the latest electronic innovations and the best cameras available on mobile devices,...
Tech for good TRANSFORM 2017

TRANSFORM Keynote Sneak Peek: Tech for Good

Tech leaders, academics, policy makers--one thing they all seem to agree on is that we are at an inflection point where the rate of...