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The Electric Car Unplugged: How Wireless Charging Transforms the EV Experience

Electric cars promise a better experience than the gas vehicles that have dominated our roads for more than 100 years. They smooth out jarring...

I Want Wireless Charging Now

A few months ago, we announced our WiTricity Halo™ upgrade program – and we’ve gotten a LOT of feedback from EV owners who want...

Siemens Invests in WiTricity to Advance Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

Siemens invests $25 million and acquires a minority stake in U.S.-based WiTricity, a wireless charging technology company. Siemens and WiTricity will work together to drive...

96 Percent of EV Buyers Want Wireless Charging

A new research study conducted by Qualtrics, an independent market research firm, found that car buyers want wireless charging as an option on their new electric...

Welcome New Members Q1 2022

MassTLC welcomes 10 new members to the community since the start of the year. Read on to learn more about the work that each...