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The goal of the MassTLC Talent Community is to build a trusted network of talent professionals in an inclusive environment. Talent professionals will engage in best practices, network, and shared content. Professionals will explore, talent acquisition and retention, talent branding, and employee engagement. Network and content can be accessed through in person and online platform.

Who should be involved?

  • CPO’s/Head’s of Talent – professional development, thought leadership, relationships. Smaller, more curated audience.
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resources
  • People Op’s- unifying HR and Operations into a single role to create higher productivity.

Type of Programming

The talent program will hold quarterly community meetings and continue to grow this network of talent professionals. We will host a half day program in Q2.

All talent programming will focus on this list of topics:

  • Employee retention and experience
  • Employee acquisition
  • Employee engagement—ERG’s, mentoring, loyalty programs, etc.
  • HR tech stack
  • Branding for talent
  • Employee Resource Groups: What they are/aren’t / Establishing & Enhancing Employee Resource Groups
  • Maintaining an inclusive environment
  • Quarterly Community Meetings: Office-hour style discussions, where like-minded professionals meet quarterly to network and discuss best practices and trends that affect them each day. Member companies will host these discussions featuring a topical issue. Meet 4X a year.
  • Talent Summit: March 25, 2020 – encompassing employee acquisition, development, and retention. Ideas are to discuss employee branding and the role of People Op’s.
  • Thought leadership: Spread the word in our connected and active community
    • Quarterly newsletters: Member spotlights and press
    • Talent Page on MassTLC site: Update quarterly with fresh content distribution in the form of stories, blogs, research, etc.

How can you contribute?

Our programming evolves from our members. We are always looking for top of mind trends for professional development, trends and initiatives. Please let us know what is important to you. Our members have a wealth of industry knowledge. If you are interested in exploring a topic, hosting a meeting or speaking, please contact Nayla Daly,

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