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March 13th   •   9:00am-1:30pm   •   Microsoft NERD   •   1 Memorial Drive   •   Cambridge, MA

About the Event:

This program is a morning of sharing ideas, processes, and strategies. It’s a forum for asking questions and providing answers. Designed by the audience for the audience.

How it Works:

Attendees can participate and share as much or as little as they are comfortable with centered around three tracks: Cloud, Automation, and Operations.

We’ll spend the first hour creating an agenda from ideas within each track pitched by you – the audience. From there, democracy reigns as we vote on the top sessions for the morning.

There are no formal speakers, instead each person attending the session will have the opportunity to give help and get help on the topic.

Who Should Attend:

Engineers, Developers, Architects, Operators and anyone with a thirst for technology.

Who’s Excited to Attend and Why:

Liz Miller, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Capital One: “This is a unique way to find people that are working on similar issues that I might not have an opportunity to otherwise talk and share ideas with.”

Dan Bricklin, President, Software Garden: “The unConference format is a flipped conference. Instead of speakers and panels talking at you, attendees create the agenda and control the conversation. That means the content is focused on what you want to discuss. It’s amazing how things come together so organically with the feeling of inclusion.”

Paiman Nodoushani, SVP, Engineering, Veracode: “It’s really hard to describe an unConference, but simply put it’s an event where everyone there can share their own experiences and offer different solutions or paths that I may not have thought of.”

Andrew Keane, Release Engineer III, Chewy: “I can’t wait for MassTLC’s Tech & Innovation unConference. The chance to drill down on specific issues in Continuous Integration Automation and get answers to questions from my peers is something I can’t get anywhere else.”


Andrew Keane
Release Engineer III

Joe Pelletier
VP of Product Strategy

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