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Sara Fraim

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Shira Haddad
Director of Engineering
Veson Nautical
Nausheen Moulana
VP, SW Engineering & Ops
Paiman Nodoushani
SVP, Engineering and Product

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The MassTLC Technology and Innovation Community provides the region’s developers, managers and leaders with a forum to share methodologies, best practices and tools that build and strengthen products, teams, companies and the region as a whole. The community’s events and activities encourage collaboration and feature leading-edge case studies, revealing discussions and eye-opening insights from top experts. The community is also home to CTO, UI/UX, and Product Management peer-to-peer groups. The goal is to get out of the office and connect with others who are facing similar challenges.

The community is driven by an advisory board. The advisory board consists of interested executives with content expertise from across MassTLC’s membership. The advisory board is lead by a MassTLC representative, Sara Fraim, and the co-chairs of the community.

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