The Year Ahead at MassTLC


The MassTLC community is united by a core belief that technology is a positive force for change in the world. As technology optimists, we seek to help our member companies innovate, grow, and build winning, inclusive teams. We do this by facilitating what we call the three C’s — content, community and collective impact — across our four mission-aligned pillars: technology, innovation, growth and talent.

The beneficiaries of our work are the state economy, the tech industry, our member companies, and the individual technology employees and users. We break the components of our mission into four pillars that provide an organizational framework for thinking about the scope of our work as well as the industry’s most pressing concerns. These pillars are technology, innovation, growth, and talent.

Pillar I – Technology
Taken in order, the first pillar, technology, is focused on the “here and now” best practices, challenges, and opportunities that companies are confronting today. This is where our CISO, CTO, Chief Product Officer, VP of Technology, Dev Ops, UI/UX, and other technical leaders engage. Within this pillar are a number of tech related communities:

The Technology pillar is also where our annual tech developer forum, ReDev, our tech related policy issues around IP, privacy and security, and our CyberMA initiative live.

Pillar II – Innovation
The next organizational pillar is innovation. This pillar is focused on “just over the horizon” potential game-changing technologies at the cutting edge between R&D and commercialization. This is where forward-looking CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, and others charged with steering strategy engage. Within this pillar are several innovation related communities:

  • AI/ML/DL
  • AR/VR/3D
  • Innovation
  • IoT, Robotics
  • Future Tech

This pillar also includes our innovation forum, MassIntelligence, policy issues that support an innovation friendly business environment, and the Verizon 5G Challenge initiative to provide funding, technology and expertise to students and startups interested in developing on the next generation 5G network.

Pillar III – Growth
Next is our growth pillar, which is focused on learning and sharing strategies for propelling the growth of your organization. This is where our CEO, CMO, Chief Product Officers, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Chief Privacy Officers, General Counsels, etc, engage. Within this pillar are several growth-related communities:

Our growth forum on Customer Success, policy access through participation in our DC Fly-In and our work on Beacon Hill with the Massachusetts Legislative Tech Caucus, and our Board-Ready Bootcamp initiatives to provide underrepresented minority and Women Tech Leaders also are part of the growth pillar.

Pillar IV – Talent
The final pillar, talent, is focused on acquisition, employee engagement, diversity, and building an inclusive talent pipeline. This is where our Chief People Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, VP of HR/Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, etc. leaders engage. Within this pillar we have talent and inclusion related communities:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • EmployeeXP
  • Talent Pipeline
  • Women Tech Leaders Peer Group
  • Education Foundation

The talent and inclusion forum, EmployeeXP, is also part of the talent pillar. Within Talent we cover policy issues that support talent and inclusion, such as our work on immigration, HR law, and the CHANCE in TECH (apprenticeship) Act, our MassTalent initiative and support for Apprenti, a federally registered tech apprenticeship program.

We’re excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with leaders across the tech ecosystem to help accelerate growth, innovation and the development of an inclusive tech ecosystem in MA.