To be human is to have bias


The MassTLC Talent community met to understand what bias is in the workplace. In Bias – Awareness to Action, the panelists explored the following: 1. Understanding bias since to be human is to have bias. 2. Mitigation, how to change your thinking and your actions. 3. Intentionality, how to proactively interrupt bias actions.

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, Chief Diversity Officer and CSR Leader, PTC, and Liana Epstien, Chief Analytics Officer, Cangrade, shared openly and honestly their experiences of bias while offering learnings and recommendations for actions that attendees could take to their organizations. This expert panel was led by Deb Becker, Executive and Leadership Coach, Becker Leadership Impact. She navigated an insightful panel with robust insights and information. Listen below to learn more about types of biases that consciously and subconsciously impact your behavior.