Top Robotics Companies List Includes 8 MassTLC Members

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Robotics Business Review has released its 8th annual list of the most innovative and commercially successful robotics companies in the world.

This year’s list includes eight MassTLC member companies – Congratulations to 6 River Systems, Energid, Harmonic Drive, Locus Robotics, Soft Robotics, Universal Robots, Vecna Robotics, and Waypoint Robotics!

Read on to learn more about which MassTLC members are influencing the robotics market and click here to download the complete RBR50 2019 Report.


6 River Systems

Category: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Main offerings: AMRs for warehouse, e-commerce fulfillment


Energid (via Teradyne)

Category: Components

Main offerings: Motion control


Harmonic Drive

Category: Components

Main offerings: Precision motion control (servo actuators, gearheads, gear components)


Locus Robotics

Category: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Main offerings: Mobile robots for e-commerce fulfillment, software and cloud management


Soft Robotics

Category: Components

Main offerings: Gripping solutions with soft components


Universal Robots (via Teradyne)

Category: Cobots

Main offerings: Multiple collaborative robot arms and applications


Vecna Robotics

Category: Autonomous Vehicles

Main offerings: Automated material handling and workflow optimization solutions in distribution, warehousing, manufacturing


Waypoint Robotics

Category: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Main offerings: AMRs for manufacturing environments