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A webcast series for leaders who want to stay
informed on economics, labor, and healthcare

At no other time in recent history have we seen a more disruptive force than what we are facing with the COVID-19 global pandemic. MassTLC’s Transform Series, featuring our nation’s leading experts in economics, healthcare, and business, will keep you informed on the most pressing issues impacting the tech ecosystem


Speakers will give a thought-provoking presentation followed by an interactive discussion with business leaders on its impact to the world around us, our region, and your business.

Michelle Bailey
Yogesh Gupta
Greg Shell


  • Michelle Bailey, GVP & GM, IDC BuyerView and Social Impact Research, and IDC Research Fellow
  • Yogesh Gupta, President & CEO, Progress Software
  • Jim Heppelmann, President & CEO, PTC
  • Greg Shell, Managing Director, Double Impact, Bain Capital and a part of the core leadership of the New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund

Technology is a key component to achieving equity among racial and income equality. And while this has always been true, it is even more critical as the world shifts to digital. Massachusetts is home to not only one of the best public educations systems in the country, it is also home to the best healthcare system. Yet, attaining these essential rights requires access to affordable broadband and devices such as computers and tablets, something that COVID-19 has exposed as out of reach for many.

And while the region can boast of having the greatest number of bachelor degree holders, we also have the greatest income gap of any state with minorities being the most negatively impacted. It is disappointing, though not surprising then that the representation of Black and Latinx tech workers in tech, one of the largest and highest salaried industries in the state, is only 5% and 7% respectively.

On our next episode of Transform on November 19th, we will take on the very complex issues of guaranteeing access, providing opportunity, and ensuring a pathway towards growth for underrepresented minorities, from early education all the way to the boardroom. Our guests will reach beyond the tech sector and share ways in which they are tackling social justice through their research and reporting on the socio-economic impediment brought about by lack of access to broadband, educational opportunities, mentorship programs, and capital investments to create and grow minority-owned companies.

Thank you to our program sponsors

Joseph Fuller
Jean Hammond
Ray Offenheiser
  • Joseph Fuller, Professor of Management Practice, HBS
  • Jean Hammond, General Partner, LearnLaunch Accelerator
  • Ray Offenheiser, William J. Pulte Director, Pulte Institute for Global Development at the University of Notre Dame

Over the past several years there has been so much research on the future of higher ed and the future of work. As the world grapples with the consequences of COVID-19 some of the predictions look poised to become reality.

On July 13th, 2020, Episode Two of MassTLC’s Transform will focus on higher education, what the workforce will look like, the impact this will have in the world. Our featured guests are will bring their experience and research to this conversation about a rapidly changing environment.

Bob Pozen

Bob Pozen, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management; non-resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute

In this unprecedented time of pandemic-induced economic collapse, leaders are trying to peer into an uncertain economic future. While there are many more questions than answers right now, Bob’s expertise in macroeconomics and understanding of financial markets give him insights into the implications of all that is happening around us.

We are pleased to have Bob Pozen, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, join us for a live webcast to help make sense of what is happening to the economy, how the pieces fit together, and which elements are most likely to affect us.