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November 17th

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MassTLC brings together senior executives to talk about how global, national, and regional current events connect and entwine. This is one day spent in conversation with forward-looking leaders on macro-trends, global upheaval, and technology.


Speakers will give a thought-provoking presentation on the topic followed by interactive discussion on its impact to the world around us, our region, and your business.

Lauren Woodman

Lauren Woodman, CEO, NetHope

NetHope provides technology, infrastructure and capital to areas of need around the world including the Syrian refugee camps, hurricane relief in Texas and the Ebola virus in West Africa. The impact of their work enables generations to move forward. Join the conversation to see how you can get involved.

Jim Tracy

James Tracy, Headmaster, Rocky Hill School

James is a forward-thinking expert on education who has created a system that prepares a pipeline of talented workers to be effective in the “roboticized economy”. What has he created and how can we take this to a broader audience? Learn more during this session.

Juliette Kayyem

Juliette Kayyem, CEO, Zemcar

Juliette is one of the nation’s leading experts in homeland security. She is currently CEO of Zemcar, “an Uber for parents and kids”, her board positions include AirBnB and the Red Cross of MA, and was most recently President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the DHS. She has stories to share. Discuss the holistic approach she recommends to secure your organization.

John Moavenzadeh

John Moavenzadeh, Head of Mobility Industries and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Innovations are happening across the globe in urban mobility. As Boston aspires to build a smart city, John will share with us the trends and successes of model cities that we can incorporate to make us a truly accessible region.

Mindy Lubber

Mindy Lubber, CEO and President, Ceres

The realities of not tackling sustainability issues will have a dire effect on our economy and our lives. There is no industry it will spare. And yet the opportunities abound to overcome these challenges, and technology is a central piece in this trillion dollar industry. In this fireside chat, James Geshwiler will interview Mindy Lubber on her views of how to build a sustainable future, and share her insights on how investors and companies can succeed in the 21st century global economy.

James Bessen

James Bessen, Executive Director, Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University

There is no dispute that jobs in tech are going unfilled. But is it the lack of people or the lack of skilled people that are the cause? James, a best-selling author on the topic, will provide his theories on how leaders in policy, academia, and you – the tech industry – can work together to provide the skills that our future labor force must acquire.

Rania Khalaf

Rania Khalaf, Director of AI Engineering, IBM Research

With the explosion of data everywhere, businesses could use help in their decision making. Augmenting humans with AI is already showing much promise in areas of business and social endeavor. Rania will share examples of responsible uses of AI and the on-going industry efforts to address social and ethical concerns involved.

Donald Marron

Donald Marron, Institute Fellow Director, Economic Policy Initiatives, Urban Institute

Last year, we had the privilege of hearing Bob Pozen’s deep expertise and predictions on what the future of our tax structures would be in this new administration. With one year in and tax reform the topic of the day, what can we expect our corporate tax structure to be.



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November 17, 2017 @ Federal Reserve, Boston
8:00am – 6:00pm

This Event is For C-Level Executives, Government Leaders, and Members of Academia Only.


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