The Innovation unConference is back!

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June 7th • KPMG • Boston, MA

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

An invitation only event for founders, entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, strategists, investors, and more…

What is the unConference?

The unConference puts a traditional conference on its head. It brings together founders and entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, strategists, investors, and more to exchange ideas and get advice to take them – and their business – to the next level. It’s about giving help and getting help, in an open and collaborative environment.


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How it works

Group of people with a speaker up frntThe unConference is a very unique way to talk about a number of issues in a single day, but without the constraints of a planned agenda with panels.

Everyone gathers in a plenary session to kick off the day. After brief welcoming remarks from host(s), a facilitator leads the audience through the agenda creation process. Here, members of the audience are invited to “pitch” their session.

The facilitator’s role is to ensure that the session is not a company pitch board with sticky notesor commercial of some kind and is relevant to the audience in some way. They must also listen for like ideas. When that occurs the facilitator will have the individuals who are pitching converse and work to merge into a single session.

Once the agenda is full, the agenda creation ends, and the sessions begin.

The breaks in between sessions are slightly longer than many typical conferences build in so networking in the hallway is rich.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Investors, Serial Founders, Seasoned CEOs, and others tech luminaries. We are targeting AI, advanced manufacturing, clean tech, crypto, healthcare tech, robotics, and other key MA sectors.

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