What to expect at the Tech & Innovation unConference – and why you should attend


What’s so special about the unConference?
We know there are a lot of tech conferences out there, so what makes the Tech & Innovation unConference different? The unConference is a unique opportunity for engineers and developers to hear directly from their industry peers about how they are dealing with cloud, automation, and operations. Whether you are already well versed in these areas or want to learn more about them, this is your chance to come and talk with others. No speakers, no presenters. This is an opportunity to learn in a way you may not otherwise have the chance.

How does it work?
Everyone begins the day together. For those that want to propose a discussion topic within the areas of Cloud, Automation, or Operations, they simply write it down and share it with the group. Want some examples of possible topics? How about: Working with Kubernetes, Native Cloud, CICD, or Lambda Functions.

Once the topics are suggested, the audience will vote on the top two for each of the three main areas of cloud, automation, and operations. After we have created the agenda, you are free to go to any session you want. Each room will have a facilitator to keep the conversation going, but there are no formal speakers or presenters, just a room full of people interested in the same topic. Share your experiences, ask questions, offer advice and insights. It’s like a structured dinner conversation.

What if I don’t like a session?
There will be a session for each of the three main topic areas going on at the same time, and the law of two feet always applies: if a discussion isn’t holding your interest, go join a different one. No one will be offended.

Anything else I should know?
Most important – lunch will be served!

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